There’s a lot for us to share about the cloob and we’ve compiled a list of brief questions that we get all of the time. We’ll add more stuff as we receive more of your questions. Read on to learn about our history, our purpose, and our branding. Click on each of the question links below to expand our answers:

What do we do at cloob.fm?

We spend our time here at cloob.fm promoting electronic dance music in all corners of life. Your musical interests are defined by your surroundings, whether it be the venue that you’re at, the people that you’re with, and of course the music that you’re hearing. So we’re taking our music out of the club, and we challenge you to share it with us in a new context, amongst new company, and with new clubsounds. Whenever we play out, we thrive off of the healthy dialog across the DJ booth. Through cloob.fm, we give you personal access to the DJ booth. What is your cloob like?

How did cloob come to be?

On a crisp spring evening in March 2006, three gentleman set off from the nether corners of the SF Bay Area on an excursion to the musical mecca of Miami. It was a “redeye” flight and with two parts delirium and one part excitement, the anticipation for what was to come could be felt deep in the loins. As our adventure unfolded, we felt strongly about capturing the details for ourselves and our friends around the world. It was at that moment that Jordy coined the term “Roob a doob doob, three doods in the cloob.”

So it stuck like my tongue on rice paper. We returned to SF eager to convey our experiences to our inner circle. Shortly thereafter, in summer of 2006, we began Cloob Tuesdays, which featured a two hour mixed set featuring JAMbertO and BYeung syndicated on Cloob Radio and XTC Radio. During these sessions at 3264 Greer Road, JAMbertO, BYeung and N8 hosted a unique social gathering that combined the elements of our culinary and musical interests. For a year straight, Cloob Tuesdays went strong and soon we put together several parties in SF along with our friends at the resto-lounge Public SF. At that time Oliver also joined Cloob as a co-host and cloob member.

A year later in the summer of 2007, we took our Cloob Radio listeners feedback to heart and turned our focus onto our musical content. We registered cloob.fm and began a campaign to produce a weekly mix set that featured our music and would give our friends something they could enjoy while commuting to work, spending time with us on Tuesdays, working out at the gym, getting through a tough work day, or even throwing their own parties. Cloob.fm and our podcasts have now been going nearly a year strong and we are very excited to continue connecting people to each other, to our music, and to a good time.

What keeps us up at night at cloob.fm?

Our cloob.fm projects of course! Well actually the real job that pays the real bills. Unless you of course you’d like to make it so that we can work on cloob.fm as our only jobs. An epic night at the cloob is a great alternative, when our favorite DJs are in town and our deltoids are getting sore from 6 hours of fist pumping. We’re working hard to continue producing quality mix sets first and foremost. The cloob.fm podcast has become our staple and hopefully a musical staple in your lives as well. In addition to this , our next move will be to rekindle Cloob Tuesdays with our home base in SF. Third on the agenda is to develop our online presence and associated infrastructure to maximize your ability to find electronic dance music and make it relevant to your musical interests. As we mentioned before, music appreciation is a function of context and company, and this means being able to foster this atmosphere both in the virtual and material worlds. Of course we’re doing this all for the love of dance music and your company. We welcome all volunteer help in growing cloob.fm, so if you have any particular skill that you’re fond of, say web design/development, music production, sound engineering, DJ’ing, event hosting, culinary expertise, partying expertise, pole dancing, etc., then shoot us a message using the Instant Feedback box to the right.

What’s up with the red couch and the cloob.fm logo?

We thought you’d never ask. But we’re glad you did because it’s both classy and iconic and really brings many elements together that cloob.fm represents. First the story. The Cloob Couch was the original member of cloob.fm — hell, it didn’t even realize it at that time. Going back to 2002, the Cloob Couch and its older brother were castaways, abandoned by their original owners, shuttled from foster home to foster home. Hardship and aging had taken its toll far earlier than expected for the pair. And thus up for adoption yet again in the Fall of 2002, the Cloob Couch (the Love Seat) and her older sister (full sized couch) were on display like a puppy at the pound — droopy eared and shaggy; the once red luster of their shiny coats, tarnished with negligence. JAMbertO and his then roommate, Loren, were looking for something special — any IKEA and fourth hand college furniture was out of the question. So they ventured to the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Palo Alto, CA for some window shopping. It was love at first sight. Underneath the unkempt and faded surface was a shimmer of red velvet, a gasp of air. JAMbertO and Loren immediately took notice and feigned disinterest much like the conventional tactics of dive bar courting. The drama continued as there was only enough room for three at this party. On passing they inquired about the price. At $150 for the love seat, JAMbertO and Loren both reeled at the notion of being financially challenged for the next month. The bottom line, it meant more selling our bodies to science, via the paid psychology and medical school studies. But let’s not venture into that topic of discussion. Emotions took hold of the two, yes our protagonists do have an emotional soft spot… do venture to use the Instant Feedback widget to the right to try you luck at it. So the two took the red velvet love seat home and it has come to be known as the love couch, mainly for its color of course.

Over the years, the red love seat has hosted parties, lounged with ambient electronic music, smoked hookah, served as a piggy bank of lost change (with the occasional dollar bill), spent a summer in a barn, cradled homeless friends and strangers with equal care, and even landed a tenured spot at cloob.fm. It serves as the center of attention and a supporting role. It captivates our friends who know it well and strangers who know of it. It embodies our vision of welcoming people to our musical ambiance in a context you decide. Come take a seat on the Cloob Couch, switch on your sound producing device, and let’s exchange a musical dialog one track at a time.

The cloob.fm logo comes from a combination of two elements: The musical triangle, and the colors of three band equalizer LED display. Music can be an intimidating thing. Some of us have spent our whole lives playing a musical instrument. Others claim they have never been within a 10 foot radius of any. Let me bring you back to your third grade public school music class, for those of you normal who went to public school. Now we can bet a good George Washington that somewhere during that class, you were guilty of rocking out to a musical triangle. Maybe even the maracas, or maybe even as far as tambourine. So what we’ve proved is that the musical triangle may just be one of the universal instruments. The cloob.fm intro jingle is based on some musical triangle samples as well. As for the EQ colors, one of the consistent observances that we have at cloob.fm is non-DJ folk to the lights and colors of the DJ mixer. Admit it, you love watching all of the mixer indicators flashing with the beat. Hell, we even go to the cloob just to watch that ourselves. It’s like attracting dogs to fire hydrants. Well we hope that the logo doesn’t have the specific fire hydrant effect on you, but as design teacher once said, “A logo should be described with only two words, otherwise it’s a failure.” Musical Triangle, can you remember that?